Personnel Door Opener Model PD-12


Belt driven door opener suitable for sliding pedestrian and light duty Coolroom doors, with a maximum doorway opening size up to 1400mm wide and up to 2100mm high.


Application: Belt driven door opener suitable for sliding pedestrian and light duty Coolroom doors, with a maximum doorway opening size up to 1400mm wide and up to 2100mm high.

NB: Doors and door tracks must not be damaged in any way and be in perfect working order, with NO binding of door or door track components or ice build up allowable for Robot door drive mechanism to function.

Door must easily roll in tracks when operated manually without Robot Drive attached. With Robot Drive in operation, doors are NOT to be run into door stoppers at the end of door travel. When doors are sealed, a 10mm gap between door and stoppers must be present. If not, continual strain on drive belt will cause it to snap.

Power requirement: 240VAC 10A GPO


  • 60W 24VDC 2.7A 3300RPM for up to 1200mm C/O
  • 100W 24VDC 4.9A 3350RPM for 1200mm - 1400mm C/O
  • Transformer: 18VAC

Gearbox: 15:1 ratio 300Ncm

Belt: M5 Toothed timing belt.

Motor is driven through a self lubricating (reduction) gear box at a speed of 200mm/sec opening and closing cycle (approx 5 sec. for 1m C/O). The drive mechanism utilises self lubricating nylon guide blocks to ensure smooth and quiet travel and are enclosed in an anodised aluminium channel.

All aluminium and galvanised steel construction together with a Colorbond pelmet cover for corrosion resistance.

Automatic reverse is built in so the door reverses instantly back to open position upon hitting an obstruction when closing. This is potentiometer controlled for more or less pressure. Upon opening if an obstruction is detected the Robot PD-12 will cut out on overload and stop travelling.

Door arm has "quick release" manual over ride in case of power failure. The door, when still connected to Robot motor drive, can be physically opened in case of emergency.

The PD-12 comes as a completed drive mechanism fully assembled with electronic control module housed inside the drive mechanism. Mounting brackets, release arm with door bracket are provided. Low voltage terminals are also provided on the base plate ready to accept push button, pull cord, photo cell and auxiliary wiring. Pedestrian push buttons 2 off (1 inside/1 outside) are also supplied as standard with Robot Model PD-12 .

Robot model PD-12 operates at constant temperatures from +2°C to +50°C.

PCB Wiring capabilities:-

  • Push button activation provision.
  • Pullcord activation provision.
  • Radio receiver provision (6 pin plug in), to work in conjunction with Single or Multi Channel remote hand sets.
  • Photo Cell provision for Photo Electric Beams in doorway to prevent door from closing if an obstruction is in the doorway.
  • Microwave motion sensor provision for opening door or for protection to prevent door from auto closing. Microwave motion sensors will sense movement only, not stationary objects.
  • Floor induction loop provision to open door, Auto close timer will close door.
  • Close only provision
  • PCB on-board programming capabilities:-
  • Auto Close Timer (2 sec. to 60 sec.). On/Off dip-switch
  • Push button/ Radio receiver open only. On/ Off dip-switch

Other Installation and Maintenance Information

PCB Layout

Auxiliary Inputs

Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Banner Photoelectric Beams

Honeywell Radar Motion Sensor User Manual

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