Spare Parts For Bi-Part Slide Coolroom and Freezer Door Opener Model SBD-03

Spare parts for earlier models available on request

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SBD-03 Bi-Part Spare Parts
SBD-03 Bi-Part Spare Parts
CR 01 Electric Motor 240V 50Hz 3A 250W
CR 02 Motor Bracket
CR 06 Gearbox
CR 07 Drive Shaft
CR 08 Drive Shaft Keys
CR 09 Drive Pulley
CR 10 Bearing Housing (set of 2)
CR 11 Limit Switch Channel
CR 12 Belt Tension Adjuster with Bolt
CR 13 Reed Switch
CR 14 Base Plate
CR 15 Drive Channel
CR 15, CR 16 Drive Channel & Cover (b)
CR 15, CR16 Drive Channel & Cover (a)
CR 15A Drive Channel Bi-Part Top
CR 16 Drive Channel Cover
CR 17 Drive Bearing
CR 18 Link Shaft
CR 18, CR 20 Guide Blocks & Link Shaft
CR 19 Adjuster Block
CR 20 Guide Block
CR 21 Belt Joiner with CR 42 H100 Belt
CR 21 Belt Joiner with M8 Allen Bolt
CR 22 Trolley (SBD-03)
CR 22, CR20, CR 18 Assembled
CR 22A Bi Part Trolley (RH Side)
CR 23 Release Arm
CR 24 H Bracket
CR 26 Idler Pulley Axle Complete
CR 27 Idler Pulley
CR 28 Control Module (Std)a
CR 28 Control Module (Std)b
CR 28 Control Module with Radio Receiver
CR 29 Transmitter (Elsema FMT-401)
CR 29 Transmitter (Single Channel MCT91501)
CR 30 Idler Bearing
CR 31 Receiver (Elsema FMR-201)
CR 31 Receiver (MCR-915)
CR 32 Pullcord Switch
CR 33 Pedestrian Push Button
CR 34 Base Plate Mounting Bracket (Top)
CR 35 Base Plate Mounting Bracket (Bottom)
CR 36 Circuit Board
CR 37 Gearbox Spacers
CR 38 Drive Unit Cover
CR 39 Idler Pulley Spacer
CR 40 End Mounting Bracket
CR 41 End Mounting Bracket Clamp
CR 42 Drive Belt H 100
CR 43 Idler Pulley Axle Washer
CR 45 Module Box Lid
CR 46 Main Wiring Harness
CR 47 Short Wiring Harness
SBD-03 Bi-Part Spare Parts