Spare Parts For Personnel Door Opener Model PD-12

Spare parts for earlier models available on request

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PD-12 Spare Parts
PDS01 Electric Motor 24VDC with Gearbox
PDS02 Motor Spacer
PDS03 Base Plate 450mm
PDS04 Base Plate 330mm
PDS05 Drive Pulley 5M
PDS06 Transformer Toroidal 18VAC 80VA
PDS07 Transformer Cover
PDS08 PC Board Cover
PDS09 PC Board
PDS10 Power Lead 240V
PDS11 Reed Switch Channel
PDS12 Drive Channel
PDS13 Reed Switch
PDS14 Adjuster Housing
PDS15 Belt Tension Adjuster with Bolt
PDS16 Adjuster Block
PDS17 Idler Pulley 5M
PDS18 Idler Bearing
PDS19 Idler Pulley Spacer
PDS20 Idler Pulley Axle Complete
PDS21 Idler Pulley Axle Washer
PDS22 Idler Pulley Assembled PDS17, PDS18, PDS19
PDS23 Release Arm
PDS24 Door Bracket
PDS25 Link Shaft
PDS26 Guide Block
PDS27 Trolley
PDS28 Belt Joiner with M6 Bolt
PDS28 Belt Joiner with PDS30 Belt 5M
PDS29 Carriage Assembled PDS25, PDS26,PDS27
PDS30 Belt 5M
PDS31 Mounting Bracket
PDS32 Pelmet Cover
PDS33 Transmitter (Elsema FMT-401)
PDS33 Transmitter (Elsema MCT91501)
PDS34 Receiver FMR-201
PDS34 Receiver MCR915
PDS35 Pullcord Switch
PDS36 Pedestrian Push Button